Wise: One Low-Cost Account for International Payments

16 million
Active Users
£30 billion
Moved every quarter
Different currencies

Stop paying high fees

Are you tired of hidden fees and complicated processes when sending money abroad? With Wise, sending money internationally is as straightforward as sending an email. No jargon, no surprises—just a simple, transparent service that lets you send money across borders with ease.

No hidden fees

Did you know traditional banks often charge up to 5% in hidden fees for international transfers? Wise disrupts the norm by offering transfers at the real exchange rate, plus a low, upfront fee. Surprise yourself with how much you can save.

Spend less, send more

Imagine sending £10,000 to a supplier in Germany. With traditional banks, your supplier might receive €11,300. With Wise, they receive €11,800. That’s a tangible difference of €500, all because of Wise’s low fees and real exchange rates. Your business funds go further with Wise.

Safe and secure transfers

Trusted by over 10 million people and businesses worldwide, Wise is regulated by financial authorities globally, ensuring your money is safe and secure. Don’t just take our word for it—check their stellar reviews and ratings from satisfied customers.

Expand internationally with better margins

Imagine expanding your business into new international markets without the burden of excessive transfer costs. Think of reinvesting the money saved on fees back into your business—hiring new talent, upgrading equipment, or boosting your marketing efforts. Wise helps you keep more of your money for the investments that matter.

Join the Wise revolution

Make the wise choice today. Save money, send smarter, and live globally with Wise—the international currency payment service designed for you.